SA3104 Carlos V

As the Holy Roman Emperor, King of Spain, and archduke of Austria, Charles the fifth reigned during a time of great conquest and discovery. His 16th century landmark rule is commemorated by this stylish Spanish sword.

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Stainless steel blade

Overall Length: 40 3/4″
Weight: 2lbs 11oz
Blade Length: 32 3/4″

Price: $89.00
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CAS Hanwei SH1029 Main Gauche

This main gauche is typical of an early 17th-century piece.

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The main gauche (“left-hand” dagger) was used in combination with the rapier, providing an added dimension of both offense and defense. The CAS Hanwei SH1029 Main Gauche (1029-GT) is typical of an early 17th-century piece, with strong quillons for parrying, a ring guard for hand protection and a wire grip for secure handling.

Blade length: 14 1/8″
Overall length: 20 1/8″
Weight: 1lb. 2oz

Price: $129.00
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Hanwei SH2009A Practical Tai-Chi

The SH2009A has lacquered natural wood and copper plated brass fittings and scabbard, and a 28 1/4″ fullered more flexible blade, yet weighs only 1 lb 1 oz.

Price: $149.00
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Oklahoma Leather OH1038 Back Scabbard

A heavy black leather baldric that allows large swords to be worn in comfort.

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The Back Scabbard is crafted in heavy black leather to allow a sword to be drawn with the scabbard in place. The built-in versatility of the scabbard allows adjustment for blade lengths up to 41”, at the same time providing for shorter swords by allowing their belt scabbards to be mounted to the back scabbard. Sufficient fitting adjustment is provided to accommodate chest sizes up to 48”. Sword, kilt and model not included.

Price: $169.00
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Hanwei SH2269 Adam Hsu Jian

a beautiful and practical taiji sword

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Designed by world-renowned Chinese martial arts master Sifu Adam Hsu, these Chinese straight swords (Jian) are becoming the weapon of choice in the Tai Chi community.

Functionality, weight and balance are paramount considerations in Sifu Hsu’s designs, while Hanwei’s quality and workmanship give the swords a graceful and pleasing appearance. The blades are crafted in high-carbon spring steel and have a pronounced center ridge and distal taper, producing exactly the right degree of stiffness and a very audible hiss in the cutting stroke. The Ming-style steel guards have an embossed Dragon symbol, while the open-ended pommels facilitate the fitting of a tassel. A unique feature is the “duck-bill lock” in the bottom of the scabbard that securely holds the sword in place. The single-hand sword is available in four blade sizes. All of the Hsu Jian are available with a choice of fiberglass (for durability) or wood (for the traditionalist) grips and scabbards.

Made by Hanwei.

Overall: 35″
Blade Length: 28”-34″
Handle Length: 7″
Weight: 1lb 4oz
Point of Balance: 4″
Width at Guard: 1.03″
Width at Tip: .70″
Thickness at Guard: .32″
Thickness at Tip: .15″

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.
Product Details / Options

* SH2269A – 28″ blade (sold out)
* SH2269B – 30″ blade (sold out)
* SH2269C – 32″ blade (sold out)
* SH2269D – 34″ blade (sold out)

Key Features

* High-carbon spring steel
* Ming-style guard
* Fiberglass Handle

Price: $199.00

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Hanwei SH1026 Swept Hilt Rapier, black

Hanwei’s SH1026 Swept Hilt Rapier looks quite dashing with its black enamel solid steel hilt and matching black scabbard.

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The final form of the swept-hilt rapier evolved from the practice of hooking the forefinger over the quillon and around the ricasso for better blade control, the various branches of the guard being designed to protect different parts of the hand in this position.

This handsome version comes fitted with a diamond cross-section blade that is not edged, but stiff and very pointy. It has a wood scabbard wrapped with black leather and capped at each end by black enameled metal. The blade ricasso is wrapped with a small piece of black leather, to complete the all-black motif.

blade length: 38″
overall length: 45″

Price: $199.00

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United Cutlery UC1401 Sword of the Daywalker

designed directly from the actual movie prop sword

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Direct from the blockbuster motion pictures Blade and Blade II, starring Wesley Snipes, comes this offically licensed, authentic reproduction of “The Sword of the Day Walker”.

This magnificent piece was designed by Factory-X directly from the actual studio sword supplied by prop maker Tony Swatton. Factory-X supplied some of these very swords for the actual filming of the sequel!

Every detail has been expertly duplicated to please even the most serious collector. The sword features full tang construction, a polished 420 stainless steel blade with “false edge”, a powder-coated zinc alloy handle, and measures over 35 inches in length. (No moving parts or boobytraps though!) A black enameled wooden display stand with a metal logo plate is included.

The Factory-X version (FX19991) with sharpened edge is now sold out. Fortunately, the United Cutlery version (UC1401) is identical except for the “false edge”.

Price: $199.00
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United Cutlery GH2025A Eye of Drakonus – limited edition, autographed

by Gil Hibben and Kit Rae, for the 2003 Annual Fantasy Knife Series

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Master knifemaker Gil Hibben teamed up with the talents of fantasy artist Kit Rae for this 2003 edition of the Hibben Annual Fantasy Knife Series, and together they created a brilliant work of art surpassing all boundaries in the knife industry today!

Eye of Drakonus is produced using the finest grade materials and workmanship. Features include solid metal handle parts and dragon scale grips with the “Eye of the Dragon” in the textured design. Four unique 420 stainless steel blades complement the handle design and the main fantasy style blade bears the precision laser-etched signatures of the fantasy knife designers.

This beautiful Gil Hibben original, with its curved blades and intricate styling, looks as though it comes from another world and another time. It would fit just as perfectly in the hands of a warrior fending off a horde of lizard men or goblins as it would hanging on your wall or sitting on your desk.

Overall Length: 16-3/4″
Blade Length: 9-1/4″
Blade Thickness: 3/16″
Blade Material: Tempered 420 J2 stainless steel
Handle Material: Solid metal handle parts, polished black chrome finish, textured acrylic handgrips, antique red finish
Display Stand Included!

Price: $199.00
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Atlanta Cutlery 500430 US Marines NCO Saber

Military issue, detailed and appropriately etched according to government specifications.

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Thanks to a contract overrun, we are able to offer this military issue sword to you at an exceptional price! The US Marine NCO sword is made of high-polished stainless steel. Detailed and appropriately etched according to government specifications.

We are especially proud to bring you government spec dress and drill sabers and swords. Atlanta Cutlery knows our fighting men ask for and deserve the very best, that’s why they have been chosen by the government to produce the NCO saber for the U.S. Marine Corps. Each fine saber and sword is manufactured according to exacting government specifications. All blades are high polished stainless steel, detailed and appropriately etched according to government specifications.

Please specify blade length- 28″, 30″, 32″ or 34″. Atlanta Cutlery is proud to be the largest official supplier to our elite fighting corp. The Marine NCO sword comes with the government specified scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®.

Price: $325.00

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Hanwei SH2065 “Lowlander” Two-Handed Scottish Great Sword

the swords of choice for 16th century Scottish mercenaries

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Wielded with untamed ferocity on many a Gaelic battlefield, the massive Lowlander sword vividly illustrates the might of the Scots of old. Known as “Slaughter-Swords” in the 16th century, these were the swords of choice for Scottish mercenaries of the period, and at close to six feet long the Lowlander faithfully replicates a surviving museum piece.

Though by far the largest sword ever offered by CAS Hanwei, the Lowlander is beautifully proportioned and balanced. The typically Scottish quatrefoils in the ring guards attest to the heritage of this imposing piece. The grips of the Lowlander are leather-covered with an overlaid leather binding. A wall mount is provided to allow the transplanted Gael to display his sword with pride.

Key Features:
* Almost 6′ long
* Fully functional
* Wall mount included

* Blade Length: 48”
* Overall Length: 68 1/2”
* Weight: 6lb 14oz
* Handle Length: 21”
* Blade Length: 48”
* Point of Balance: 9″
* Point of Percussion: 30″
* Width at Guard: 2.3″
* Width at Tip: 1.19″
* Thickness at Guard: .32″
* Thickness at Tip: .22″

Price: $360.00

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CAS Hanwei SH1013 Damascus Jian

The Damascus Taiji (SH1013) sword is built around a hand-forged Damascus steel blade.

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Crafted by CAS Hanwei to a completely different standard of quality than most pieces available, the Damascus Tai-Chi (SH1013) sword is built around a hand-forged Damascus steel blade, profiled to produce a fast, well balanced sword for the martial artist and an authentic piece for the collector of Oriental weaponry. The matching rosewood grip and scabbard with solid bronze fittings, decorated in the traditional Chinese motif, are meticulously finished in this heirloom quality sword.
Made by Hanwei.

Overall: 37 ¼”
Blade Length: 28 ¼”
Handle Length: 6 ½”
Weight: 1lb 11oz
Point of Balance: 5.16″
Width at Guard: 1.07″
Width at Tip: .69″
Thickness at Guard: .37″
Thickness at Tip: .17″

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Key Features
* Damascus steel blade
* Meticulously finished
* Traditional Chinese motif

Price: $590.00
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CAS Hanwei SH1001 Shinto Katana

The Shinto Katana has a hand-forged T10 high-carbon steel blade with Bo-Hi. The blade is differentially hardened using the traditional claying method.

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The Shinto is mounted in black and the tsuka-ito is made of premium black Japanese cotton. The saya is finished in a deep black lacquer with a black cotton sageo. A finely rendered dragon, detailed in gold, with true front-and-back detail, forms the black iron tsuba. The fittings are superbly antiqued adding to the aesthetics of the piece. The Shinto is supplied with a protective cloth bag and traditional maintenance kit.

Key Features
* Forged high-carbon steel blade
* Built for cutting
* Traditional construction

Overall: 39 1/2“
Blade Length: 27“
Handle Length: 11 1/4”
Weight: 1lb 14oz
Thickness at Guard: .260

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Price: $799.00

This product has sold out.