Hanwei SH1026 Swept Hilt Rapier, black

Hanwei SH1026 Swept Hilt Rapier, black

Hanwei's SH1026 Swept Hilt Rapier looks quite dashing with its black enamel solid steel hilt and matching black scabbard.

The final form of the swept-hilt rapier evolved from the practice of hooking the forefinger over the quillon and around the ricasso for better blade control, the various branches of the guard being designed to protect different parts of the hand in this position.

This handsome version comes fitted with a diamond cross-section blade that is not edged, but stiff and very pointy. It has a wood scabbard wrapped with black leather and capped at each end by black enameled metal. The blade ricasso is wrapped with a small piece of black leather, to complete the all-black motif.

blade length: 38"
overall length: 45"

Price: $199.00

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