• Displays and Accessories is our product category for all the bits and pieces you need to display your treasure with pride! Sword belts and baldrics, armor mounts, wall brackets, shelf stands and wall racks all can be found here at BrightBlades.com!

    Displays & Accessories

    Display your treasures with pride! Sword belts, baldrics, wall brackets, shelf stands, wall racks in Displays & Accessories.

  • Kit Rae, Gil Hibben, and all your favorite Fantasy designs!


    Check out our line of fantasy weaponry. We have access to the full line of fantasy swords and knives by Kit Rae, Gil Hibben, and many others! Fantasy

  • Replica swords and armor from movies, TV, and popular novels. The Fiction category at BrightBlades.com


    From TV and movie prop replicas to popular novels, these faithful reproductions inspire beautifully. Fiction

  • Replica swords and armor from all periods of history at BrightBlades.com!


    Newly made replicas of actual museum pieces and items designed just like the originals. Historic

  • The Recent & Modern category contains swords and armor used from the 20th century through today. Military and Police dress uniform swords and sabers at BrightBlades.com

    Recent & Modern

    Real swords from the twentieth century to present-day. Current military issue dress uniform swords and sabers for police and militaries all over the world. Recent & Modern

Here at the Virtual Armory, you will find a vast selection of swords, armor, knives and related items replicated from many cultures and eras of history as well as fantasy. We carry only newly made production pieces of respectable quality.
We treat every customer with sincerity, integrity, and personal attention.
0% Oregon sales tax! We guarantee every item! We are happy to help!
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We carry the full line of items from several major manufacturers. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can always special order one just for you! Our manufacturers include:  Armaduras Medievales, Atlanta Cutlery, CAS Iberia, Factory-X, Museum Replicas, United Cutlery, Valiant Armoury, and Windlass Steelcrafts.

While most of our offerings consist of swords replicated from various cultures, time periods and genres, we also include related items such as miniatures, letter openers, shields, armor, bucklers, targes, plaques, display stands, racks, and even a night light.

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