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Quality Control

Do you inspect every item?

We inspect every item that comes through. That means inventory and special-order items only. Drop-shipment items are, by definition, sent directly to you from the wholesaler, so we have no opportunity to inspect them. Fortunately, we only drop-ship items that are very consistently good quality. If you prefer we inspect your drop-shipment item, we can make it happen. Simply contact us for details.


Are your swords battle-ready?

We carry swords made by several different manufacturers, so quality features vary. This used to cause confusion, so we divided them into two categories: “functional” and “decorative”. (We avoid the term “battle ready” because it is so widely misused as to be almost meaningless.) Manufacturers tend to produce swords for only one category, with rare exceptions. Be aware that it is impossible to know if a sword is functional just by looking! The presence of mirror polish, sharp edge, or a scabbard does not necessarily mean it is a functional sword.

Functional Swords:

Swords in our “functional” category, unless otherwise stated in the detail description, always have tempered carbon-steel blades, not stainless steel, and properly proportioned tangs inside strong handles. They require a bit of regular maintenance. Hanwei, CAS Iberia, Windlass Steelcrafts, and Valiant Armoury make functional swords.

Decorative Swords:

Swords in our “decorative” category are intended for convenient display and not for actual use, so they are usually more ornate, have low-maintenance stainless steel blades, smaller diameter tangs, and sometimes a clear plastic protective finish. They are strong enough to swing through the air, but might not endure any impact or target cutting. Marto, Martespa, United Cutlery, Art Gladius, and Armaduras Mediviales make mostly decorative swords, but we identify the exceptions.


Shipment Options

Can you ship my order using ___?

We can usually ship your order with your preferred method, whatever it happens to be. Our standard shipment methods are UPS or FedEx, or US Priority Mail, depending on the package origin, size, and weight. We can ship using all of the services offered by FedEx, DHL, US Postal Service, and UPS.


Do you ship to my country?

We ship to Canada, Denmark, Greenland, England, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, and UK. Due to customs prohibitions or insurance restrictions, we do not ship to countries in Central America, South America, Africa, Middle East, and many countries in Europe. If your country is not on either list, please inquire.

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