HF1001 Fighting Targe

In the heat of battle, an opponent might not notice that buckler has a pointy end.
The HF1001 and HF1003 internal construction features a 1" nut soldered to the central boss. A bolt and washer go through the back, compressing the wood for extra strength.Close up of the back of a HF1002 Fighting Targe, showing the arm grips, display ring, and spike transport pouch.In this view, you can better see the 1" nut soldered to the central boss. Once assembled, this arrangement provides great reinforcement for the central spike.I didn't have an image of the HF1002 handy, but this is very similiar. Compared to the HF1001, you'll notice one extra ring of brass triangle decorations.

HF1001 Fighting Targe


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Product Description

Constructed by hand to withstand the rigors of combat, the classic Scottish shield, or targe, offers rugged beauty for your costume, collection, or battlefield kit. Genuine leather covers the front and sides of 3/4″ thick plywood. The black leather on the sides contrasts nicely with the midnight green on the front. The center spike screws in to a 1″ nut, which is soldered to the center boss in the front, and reinforced by a bolt and washer in the back. The spike can also be removed and stored in a leather pouch on the back. The back of the targe is covered with black felt, and has adjustable leather arm straps. A steel ring allows for display on the wall. (Also available without the center spike as HF1002.)

  • weight: 5 lbs
  • diameter: 18″
  • thickness: 0.75″
  • center spike length: 8″
  • center spike thickness 0.5″

Highland Forge is a local armory in Florence, Montana, owned and operated by Ken Markins. Each item is hand made with quality materials, to historical specifications whenever available. All of these designs are historically accurate, based on extensive research. They are also completely functional, with heavy reinforcements and very sharp edges.


Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs

HF1001 with centeral spike, HF1002 no spike

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