JC1001 Sword Plaque

JC1002 Plaque for short swords
A better view of the poplar grain and mahogany color of the Jaros sword plaques.The Jaros JC1001 Plaque for longswords is made of solid poplar, stained to a mahogany color, then given a durable medium-gloss finish.A metal "keyway" part is embedded in the back of all Jaros sword plaques. This makes installation simple and secure.All of the Jaros sword plaques include a Marto 15000 Adjustable Wall BracketJC1002 Plaque for short swords

JC1001 Sword Plaque



Product Description

Jaros Sword Plaques
These are really great. When the Marto plaques were discontinued, we went looking for a suitable substitute. In a stroke of luck, we found something even better! These plaques have the same styling and dimensions as the Marto plaques, but they are far superior. They are manufactured for us by Jaros Custom Plaques. (Jaros is better known for their fine custom guitars.)

Not only are these plaques made of solid poplar, but they are better secured by a metal keyway system. (See it close-up in the image gallery.) The poplar wood has a beautiful grain, and is stained to a darker mahogany color. Three layers of lacquer protect the wood and give the plaque a satin finish so that the subtle beauty does not compete with your sword or dagger. Your blade is attached using the included Marto 15000 Adjustable Wall Bracket. Three sizes are available to fit different blades. Each plaque comes with mounting hardware and instructions.

  • JC1001 – Vertical Longsword Plaque 13″ x 56″
  • JC1002 – Vertical Shortsword Plaque 11″ x 47″
  • JC1003 – Vertical Dagger Plaque 6″ x 21″
  • hardware included

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JC1001 – 13″ x 56″ for longswords, JC1002 – 11″ x 47″ for shortswords, JC1003 – 6″ x 21″ for daggers

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