MO15000 Adjustable Wall Bracket

This bracket hides behind the hilt of your sword; only the 1/4" tabs wrap around the front of your blade. It's practically invisible!
A sheetrock wall is strong enough to display a sword, IF you attach the hardware with a wall anchor!An example of the Marto 15000 Adjustable Wall Bracket for swords

MO15000 Adjustable Wall Bracket


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Product Description

Marto’s 15000 Adjustable Wall Bracket is a 2″x1″ nickel plated bracket that hides behind the hilt of your sword. It hangs from one screw in your wall, so it is only appropriate for vertical display of a cruciform sword, but it also levels itself. The adjustable prongs wrap around the blade just below the hilt. It’s almost invisible! We use these for the Jaros Wall Plaques as well as most of our displays here at the shop.

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