MH1001 Hunab Ku Pendant

MH1001 Hunab Ku Pendant


The Mayan symbol for “Only God” connects the internal with the external:  Hunab; “one state of being” and Ku; “God”.

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The Hunab Ku is an ancient Mayan symbol that is said to represent the Supreme God or the One Being, with ‘Hunab’ meaning ‘one state of being’ and ‘Ku’ meaning ‘God.’ It encompasses all opposites in the universe and unites them as one: male and female, dark and light, yin and yang, conscious and unconscious, internal and external—the list goes on. Some believe that the Hunab Ku acts as a bridge to connect these opposites.

When the Mayans were Christianized they struggled with the whole One God concept, especially since they were being presented with a triune “single” God, but a triune single multi-function God different from all their many one-function gods. It is said this symbol is what they came up with to express this new concept of a One God who is simultaneously mortal and immortal, God and man, opposites in a way but united.

This carefully hand-glazed terra cotta pendant is approximately 1.5″ diameter.

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